Marcus Godinho


    iT and Beyond doesn’t just provide FareShare with IT Support, Neville and his team are an integral part of our operation.  As much as we reach out to them for advice and solutions, they approach us with ideas.  Their initiative both adds value and demonstrates an insight into who we are, how we operate, as well as our needs.

    iT and Beyond’s initiatives include:

    • Registering us with ConnectingUp to take advantage of significant discounts for eligible NFPs, which has saved $’000;
    • Migrating our email to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Hosted Exchange bringing about significant improvements to email, including Disaster Recovery and enabling the sharing of calendars and contacts (shortly after Microsoft released Office 365 Nonprofit plans for free to eligible NFPs in Australia);
    • Transitioning us to MYOB Accounting software with data hosted in the Cloud.  This has enabled more efficient access by management, our treasurer and auditors – all at a special NFP discounted price;
    • The team at iT and Beyond even spotted a funding opportunity in the Optus Ultimate IT Challenge.  Optus recognised our innovation and teamwork in overcoming IT challenges, including developing a customised iPad application that delivers real-time access to information and streamlining business processes.  We secured a grant of $10,000 cash and additional hardware.

    iT and Beyond has also provided us with Network setup, arranged donated computer hardware, and has provided ICT Support as and when required.

    Beyond the skill, responsiveness and initiative, Neville and his team are a delight to work with.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    Nick Woodlock

    Care Connect Ltd

      I am pleased to commend iT and Beyond’s work as a consultant with Care Connect Ltd (CCL). Neville Rose from iT and Beyond, facilitated the review, draft of specifications and selection processes for the development and introduction of contemporary and integrated ICT solutions for CCL. This role over a number of years was underpinned by Neville’s capacity to listen to our end users and to craft solutions that worked for them.

      Mark Edwards

      Port Phillip Insurance Services

        I have known Neville Rose from iT and Beyond for several years and have been able to both work with him and observe him working with others. Neville is a very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable person who works very hard at any task given to him. He has made a great contribution to improving the IT processes in our business.

        Andrew Bell

        IT Manager
        Care Connect Ltd

          Care Connect Ltd have used iT and Beyond’s expertise on numerous IT tenders and other special technical projects. Having worked with Neville Rose closely I can vouch for his attention to detail, his expansive knowledge of the industry as well as his personable nature. I would highly recommend Neville for any consulting work that an organisation may need.